Pulmonary Engineering Group



Recording of intraoperative Signals

Additional intraoperative signals are recorded routinely measured and displayed by the anaesthesia machine and the patient monitoring system

Recordings of respiratory and haemodynamic signals in high temporal resolution (sampling rate > 10 Hz): airway flow, volume and pressure (as measured by the anesthesia machine: Dräger Primus) and electrocardiogram and, if available, continuous invasive airway pressure (routine patient monitoring system: Philips MP70). All signals are recorded online using a certified communication port without additional hardware.

  • Participating sites: Dresden, Freiburg, Genoa, Istanbul

Blood sampling for biomarker measurements

Before and at the end of surgery, as well as for the following 5 days, blood samples (10 ml) will be collected. The blood samples are stored at minus 80°C for measurement of:

  • Inflammatory mediators (e.g. cytokines, chemokines, other inflammatory proteins)
  • Markers of lung injury (e.g. angiopoietin-2, surfactant proteins A and D)
  • Specific markers of distal organ injury (e.g. cystatin C, NGAL)
  • Participating sites: Dresden, Coswig, Aachen
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