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Can we use Draeger XL for standard pressure support and Draeger Infinity for variable pressure support?

You can use any ventilator that is capable for “Pressure Support Ventilation” for the “Non-Variable PSV Group” - but Draeger Infinity has to be used for the variable pressure support therapy.

In patients with PSV-variable Can we change the level of variability or it must be the same during all period of study ?

You can change the variability according the patients comfort and the pressure levels. If your patient is in the “variable PSV group” you should use the highest variability level that is possible(because we want to study the effect of variable ventilation), but you can reduce the variability level if needed for the patients safety. That is why in the Daily Visit there is a field named “Set level of variabilitycof pressure support (0-100)” – here we can see if you worked with reduced variability level. To make it short: you can start with 100% variability, but can reduce for example to 85% - as soon if you think the patients condition is safe, you can go up to 100% again. Each day you enter the variability level in the “Daily Visit” – so we will know how you treated the patient.

In the daily visit. How can we know the differrents coefficients (VT, RR, PSV, Ti...). Are they available in the infinity monitor?

The coefficients are only available with an additional computer connected to the infinity. These fields are only entered by the Dresden Group (001). Other centers don’t have to enter these values. Coefficient of variation of VT (%) Coefficient of variation of pressure support (%) Coefficient of variation of respiratory rate (%) Coefficient of variation of inspiratory time (%) Coefficient of variation of expiratory time (%)

Do you use any criteria to know the variability tolerance? For example, if a patient does not clinically tolerate a PSV of 14 with a level of variability of 60% (by tachypnea). What must we do first: increase level of PSV or decrease level of variability?

At the beginning of the study therapy, start with 100% variability and modulate the pressure support level until the patient feels comfortable. During the therapy, leave the variability at 100% and reduce the pressure support level until extubation. If you have any doubts regarding the patient’s safety, reduce primarily the variability level.

When do I have to register a patient in the database?

All ICU Patients that are on controlled mechanical ventilation for more than 24 hours should be registered in the database. Example: The patient has been intubated for abdominal surgery and is admitted to ICU after 4 hours in the operating room. If the patients is extubated after 6 hours, you don't have to enter the data in the database. If the patient is extubated after 21 hours(4 hours in the OR and 21 hours on ICU) you have to register him in the database.

Help File - How to register patients > 24 hours on mechanical ventilation


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