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Postoperative respiratory failure, particularly after surgery under general anesthesia, adds to the morbidity and mortality of surgical patients. Anesthesiologists inconsistently use positive end–expiratory pressure (PEEP) and recruitment maneuvers in the hope that this may improve oxygenation and protect against postoperative pulmonary complications (PPCs), especially in obese patients. While it is uncertain whether a strategy that uses higher levels of PEEP with recruitment maneuvers truly prevents PPCs in these patients, use of higher levels of PEEP with recruitment maneuvers could compromise intra–operative hemodynamics.

The hypothesis of this interventional trial is that an intra–operative ventilation strategy using higher levels of PEEP and recruitment maneuvers, as compared to ventilation with lower levels of PEEP without recruitment maneuvers, prevents PPCs in obese patients at an intermediate–to–high risk for PPC.

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